Non-Executive Recruitment


Eligibility to become a Non-Executive Director

A person may be appointed as a non-executive director only if:

  • they are a member of the Public Constituency. There are four public constituencies which cover the following areas:
  1. Ellesmere Port and Neston
  2. Chester City and rural Cheshire
  3. Flintshire
  4. Wider area

Here are the constituency boundaries and also a constituency map: 

Criteria for Disqualification

A person may not become or continue as a Director of the Foundation Trust if :

  • they are a member of the Council of Governors, or a Governor,  Governor or Director of an NHS body or another NHS Foundation  Trust;
  • they are the spouse, partner, parent or child of a member of the Board  of Directors of the Foundation Trust;
  • they are a member of a local authority‚Äôs Scrutiny Committee covering  health matters;
  • they have been adjudged bankrupt or their estate has been  sequestrated and in either case they have not been discharged;
  • they have made a composition or arrangement with, or granted a Trust  deed for, their creditors and have not been discharged in respect of it;
  • they have within the preceding five years been convicted in the British  Islands of any offence, and a sentence of imprisonment (whether  suspended or not)  for a period of three months or more (without the option of a fine) was  imposed;
  • they are the subject of a disqualification order made under the  Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986;
  • they are no longer a member of  one of the public constituencies;
  • they are a person whose tenure of office as a Chairman or as a  member or Director of a health service body has been terminated on  the grounds that their  appointment is not in the interests of the health service, for non- attendance at meetings, or for non-disclosure of a pecuniary interest;
  • they have had their name removed, by a direction under section 46 of  the 1977 Act from any list prepared under Part II of that Act, and have  not subsequently had their name included on such a list;
  • they have within the preceding two years been dismissed, otherwise  than by reason of redundancy, from any paid employment with a health service body;
  • in the case of a non-executive Director they have refused to fulfil any  training requirement established by the Board of Directors; or
  • they have refused to sign and deliver to the Secretary a statement in  the form required by the Board of Directors confirming acceptance of  the code of conduct for Directors.

You can apply to become a Member of the Trust here.