Executive Recruitment

Our vision, values and behaviours

Our vision is to deliver NHS care locally that makes our staff and our community proud. 

Our values are summarised as being safe, kind, and effective in everything that we do.

SAFE: Avoid harm and reduce risk to all

KIND: Considerate and non-judgemental in thoughts and actions

EFFECTIVE: Consistently maximising resources to deliver excellent patient care

Collectively there are agreed standards of behaviour that we want to see and encourage in everyone which are:

  • Working Together to get the best outcomes for the patients and the Trust
  • Respect and Fairness so that everyone feels like a valued member of the Trust
  • Positive Attitude to create a great environment for our patients, my colleagues and myself
  • Achieving Excellence to continuously improve our care for patients, our people and our finances
  • Leading People by creating an environment in which everyone can do the best job possible